Paving is often performed using large aggregates and low slump conditions.  For this type of flatwork, the Bunyan Striker roller screed is ideal.  We offer heavier walled tubes than our competition of superior performance in low slump applications.

The cutting action of the spinning tube easily removes over burden and deposits it forward.  In the most extreme aggregate and slump conditions weight can even be added offer increased bite to the screeding process, but still be removable for light easy transport and storage.

The Bunyan Striker roller screed can be used as a standalone paving screed, or in conjunction with larger paving equipment such as a slipform paver.  The plugs involved with the starts and stops of a slipform machine and the irregular areas that the slipform machine is not suited for are ideal for the Bunyan Striker.  Also commonly used on approach slabs, bridge decks, ramps, parking lots, and lanes.

For mass pours, our temporary screed rail system is well suited.  Widths up to 27 feet are standard, and wider placements are commonly done as well.

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