Bunyan Striker roller screed drive handle operates with our hydraulic power pack, or can be configured to operate from a seperate hydraulic source.

Handle for the non-drive end complete with tuners for tube maintenance and Pinheads for temporary screed rail systems

Bunyan hydraulic power pack used to supply power to the Bunyan Striker screed handle, the Bunyan Skipfloat motorized pan, and the Bunyan BIRD vacuum system.

Bunyan also offers a direct drive model roller screed system: the Bunyan Badger Screed.  The Badger system come with Honda engine options of 160cc, 100cc, and 50cc.  Also included with the Badger Screed are all controls and handles for operation (tubes sold seperately).

Bunyan Striker roller screed tube comes in standard 6 inch diameter and 5 inch diameter tubes. 

6 inch diameter tubes are designed for rugged use in all applications of flatwork including the most demanding low slump or zero slump placements.   6 inch Striker tubes are made to order, any length up 27 feet is a standard, extreme length tubes can be ordered up to 40 feet in length.

5 inch diameter tubes are custom made, any length up to 22 feet is standard, and extreme length tubes can be ordered up to 30 feet in length.

The Bunyan hot end Conhead is a removable drive end fixture for you Bunyan screed tube.  This allows the same end fixture to be used in a variety of tube lengths for economy and versatility in you Bunyan equipment.

The Bunyan cold end Conhead is a removable non-drive end fixture for you Bunyan screed tube and is used in conjunction with the hot end Conehead.

The Bunyan Skip Float has an extended handle and is designed to be used with material that can’t accept foot traffic directly after placement.  The handle can reach over 12 feet out onto the placement area panning the surface without disturbing the area with foot traffic.

The Skip Float is ideal for finishing pervious concrete and other decorative finishes.

The B.I.R.D. vacuum head is used in conjunction with a sewer vac truck for cleaning and removing heavily impacted materials from pervious concrete.

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