The Bunyan Striker is used in placement function as the tube sweeps upward, carrying the high material forward. Workmen read the cut made by the placement pass and continue delivery to keep the slab full ahead of the tube. Once the slab area is filled and the excess is cut away, a screeding pass is made. This cuts a small roll of fine material in an upward sweep. This brings the surface grade to a beautiful, uniform consistency but the instability of the slab will not tolerate any hand tooling! The Bunyan Striker Tube is then driven back to the bottom of the slab to begin a skid pass. This third step is used to dress the slab as a float, with no rotation. This provides a flat and floated surface with a slight feathered texture. It is important to avoid any hand tooling on this slab for about twenty minutes. After the body of the slab has stabilized, tooling may be applied without spoiling the surface grade.

Placement of slope work is done using the Bunyan winch system.  With the Bunyan winch system much of the work is taken out of the placement process, as the winch pulls both the screed and excess concrete material up the slope. 

Other systems lack the accuracy or power to perform slope work properly, and often resort to placing slope from the top down, instead of the prescribed bottom up method.  With Bunyan, no compromises in quality are needed and tolerances can be kept similar to that of flat work on grade.

Conic Slabs

Cone shaped slabs and warped slabs require the Bunyan Striker to be operated on a side hill incline. The traditional conic basin of a silo is done with the cold end of the tube fastened at a pivot point in the bottom center. The top end is supported on a radial form.


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